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Self-employed PCO licensed drivers required London wide

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At Vale Cars we differentiate from the rest of the industry and take care of drivers who choose to work with us and provide delightful service to customers. We provide excellent rates, fair commission charges and some of the most competitive car rental rates in the industry.

Why Drive with Airport Transfer Solution?

Save Money

Enhance your earning with access to London’s largest quality customer base


Here are opportunities to boost your earning potential with our training and qualifications


Pay nothing for your car if you reach your weekly points target


Need help? 24/7 assistance from our expert driver support and control team at HQ.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Fluent English

Can you clearly understand the needs of your passenger? Good communication is vital to creating an outstanding experience for our customers

Drivers Licence

To work with Vale Cars we require a full driving licence, but remember you’ll also need the relevant local private hire licence as well.

Excellent Service

Vale cars has grown through offering above industry standards of services in both standard cars, chauffeur services and its courier division. If you can offer customers a great service we’d love to speak to you.

Ready To Join The Team?

Ready To Join The Team?

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